Medical Discoveries That Have Changed Healthcare

Bruce Stanko has spent several years in the medical supplies industry and has seen a great deal of products used regularly. It’s amazing to think at one point these never existed. Mr. Stanko also spends time researching the healthcare industry in general to see the latest and greatest. These are some of the most noteworthy medical discoveries that changed healthcare. 


The X-ray changed how physicians diagnose patients. It was the basis of computed tomography (CT) scans. And, though the technology is different, the discovery of an X-ray made way for other imaging, such as magnetic resonance imaging, more commonly known as an MRI. 

An X-ray uses radiation emitted into your body. Different parts of your body absorb it at different rates based on density. Since bones are denser, they absorb more radiation and appear on the scan. Additionally, fluid in the lungs, a tumor, and various other issues can be detected using an X-ray. 


Before the stethoscope, physicians listened to a patient’s heart or lungs by placing their ear on the patients’ chest. While this worked, it didn’t pick up on all the problems. Not to mention, doctors couldn’t hear patients with a higher fat concentration’s heartbeats. 

As a result, one physician created a tube that amplified sound to listen to the lungs and heart rate of patients. Bruce Stanko would like to note that while the initial one was wooden, it paved the way for those used today. 


Bruce Stanko would like you to take a moment to think of all the infections you visit a physician to treat and receive antibiotics for, including Lyme disease, bacterial pneumonia, ear infections, and urinary tract infections, to name a few. Tuberculosis was once a major problem for people, but antibiotics reduced the death rate significantly. 

Cardiac Defibrillator 

Prior to 1947, defibrillation was known but not used. In this year, though, one surgeon used defibrillation during a surgery and saved a patient’s life. Today, Bruce Stanko would like to note that defibrillation is commonly used today and has saved countless lives by resetting the heart back to a normal rhythm.  


Could you imagine having a major surgery without the use of anesthesia? Before 1846, anesthesia didn’t exist. However, John Collins Warren used it for the first time that year to keep a patient comfortable during surgery. Through the use of anesthesia, various life-saving and vital surgeries can be performed that could have never been done prior to the introduction of anesthesia. 


Diabetes is a common problem that involves your body’s cells being resistant to insulin, or your body not producing insulin. Before 1922, the US had no concept of the use of insulin before Elliott Joslin. Imagine the number of people that could go on to live normal lives without the risk of heart and kidney problems as well as amputations from uncontrolled diabetes. 

Nowadays, you probably think little about these revolutionary medical inventions. However, Bruce Stanko realizes the importance of so many medical discoveries, especially as a medical supply distributor.  

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